Our Experiences are designed to put our Participants “in the moment” of leadership. There are no spectators, and every Leader will be placed into a challenging environment where they will be impelled to use their skills to lead their team through a complex challenge.


Interactivity is our distinction. In our Experiences, you will participate in open discussions, break-out exercises, and proprietary leadership games and simulations. Leaders will increase their awareness and leadership quotient by putting the art of leadership to the test.


Our Experiences are memorable and have lasting impact and value to your team. We inspire through compelling leadership stories, case studies, and interactive leadership role playing. We also conduct our Experiences at memorable historic locations where the leadership stories come alive.


Mentoring is a key element of our Leadership Experiences. Leadership development is a continuous journey, and our unique personal coaches work with you to apply classroom learnings while back on the job. This mentoring and continued guidance makes our programs highly effective.




Our leadership programs have been carefully designed by recognized leaders with decades of diverse experience honing their skills, and importantly developing a unique and effective learning experience that produces results.

We raise your leadership level by accelerating your leadership awareness through immersive, interactive and memorable instruction in virtual, on-site, or historic off-site settings. An important distinction of our programs is personal 1-on-1 mentoring after the classes. Many other programs fail as the learning and application stops when people get back to their office. And for Teams our programs are developed to be aligned with your business Mission, Vision, Values and Culture. We recognize this and provide coaching when your return to work where your specific challenges are discussed, and solutions created in this personal time with your trainer.

We offer live on-line learning experiences providing convenience and cost effectiveness while delivering an interactive and immersive experience. In addition, we offer off-site at a location of your choice, or a memorable and relevant historic site. Both for individuals and Teams.



John Antal's New Book!

Leadership Rising: Raise your Awareness, Raise your Leadership, Raise your Life

Written by a proven leader and leadership expert, this book is an invaluable guide to anyone wanting to improve their leadership skills. Immersive, interactive, and memorable, it will empower you to raise your leadership awareness and help you on your journey to become a winning leader. Concise, focused chapters and an interactive format mean even the most time-strapped can benefit from John Antal's decades of experience.

If you are an emerging leader, this book will provide you with a mind-map and internal compass to maintain a bearing during your leadership journey. This mind-map will outline the contours of the leadership topography; the compass you create in your heart and your mind will provide direction; and your purpose will generate a destination.

If you are an experienced leader, this book is also for you. You will find in it reinforcement, confirmation, and a series of knowledge points to add to your existing cognitive map and compass and to help you develop other leaders at every level of skill and awareness.


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