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Proven Principles of Leadership

Effective fundamentals from History and Today


In depth Content with Experiential Learning

Immersive learning and experience are the best way to raise leadership awareness. We use a combination of learning techniques that combine immersive and experiential learning and use gamification and simulation to drive home the lessons. Successful leadership requires focus and clarity of mind and we provide exercise that will increase those skills in each participant.

Participants become 100% immersed in the activity and are presented with an environment where they need to lead and make decisions in real time. Leadership awareness means putting leadership into action, and our participants get lots of opportunities to practice leadership under difficult situations and scenarios.


Intense Group Participation and Simulations

Leadership is about and defined by interactivity. Our experiences will engage participants to work with others in their sessions to define leadership and their leadership style. They will express their opinions and insights in group discussions, work in teams to practice influence and motivation, and lead in simulated environments.

There are no bystanders in our experiences, and all participants will get many opportunities to work and learn with others to practice leadership.


Historical Leadership Stories come to Life

For training and development to be effective, it has to be memorable. Our strong belief is that leadership awareness is about stories, examples where great leaders exhibited the principles of leadership in difficult times. In Your Path to Leadership Rising, we tell stories and connect them directly to the definitions and practices of leadership, and to our leadership Rally Points.

In our American Leadership Series, the stories are told where leadership lived, either in Philadelphia, Williamsburg, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, the Alamo, or other memorable location. You and your employees will remember these leadership stories and lessons for a long time, and you will rise to level of your leadership.

Coaching & Mentoring

Continuous Support for Success on the Job

We believe that leadership development is an extended process of learning, experience, self-reflection, and self-awareness. Our programs can be augmented with individual coaching and mentoring that continues after the course.

Our leadership mentors can guide you and your employees on the journey to leadership awareness. This can include mentoring, access to leadership content (books, blogs, articles, and video), working on individual development plans, and goal setting.


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