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Colonel John Antal

John Antal is an exceptional leadership coach and leadership mentor who travels the world teaching leadership.

John is a soldier, historian, author, leadership expert and master storyteller. His breadth of leadership experience includes a military career and he was a senior executive in the online gaming industry. He is the author of Leadership Rising, as well as 14 other books on leadership and military history.

In a single session, John will teach you the secrets of how to increase your leadership awareness to influence any group — your family, social organizations, business and government.

Eric Lint

Eric Lint is a financial leader with several global companies as well as a founder and advisor to many companies in the energy and information industries.

Eric Lint is a Managing Director of Farm Creek Advisors, serving in that Capacity since 2010. He has served as an executive, an investment banker, and consultant, to firms in financial technology, media, business information, enterprise software, energy, and the capital goods/engineering industries. He serves as an Executive Officer and Founder with Merchant Power Partners, Hydrocarbon Ventures, and Leadership Ventures.

Eric has served as a senior corporate development executive with several Fortune 1000 corporations, including ABB, Reuters, and Dun and Bradstreet.

He was an investment banker with Jordan Edmiston, and a consultant with a subsidiary of Arthur D. Little. Eric started his career with JP Morgan Chase, where he was a commercial banker in New York.

He has an MBA from the University of Connecticut, in addition to graduate studies in Economics at New York University. He holds a BA degree in Economics from Gettysburg College, where he is also a Trustee Emeritus. Eric has guest lectured in leadership, finance, and banking at Duke, Gettysburg, Virginia, and Columbia.

Topher Wurts

Topher Wurts is a lifelong entrepreneur who has spent his career building products and brands for companies large and small.

His unique and highly effective storytelling ability will provide a fascinating and memorable look into leadership. Topher is the ultimate collaborative leader, who is expert in building teams, creating energy and accelerating change.

Topher is a Chief Outsiders Partner and CMO based in Philadelphia. He helps B2B and B2C startups, mid-sized organizations, corporate divisions, and new product launches develop go-to-market strategies to generate rapid growth and revenue gains.

A change agent for various Fortune 1000 companies, Topher redefines brand identity to clarify value propositions, foster business awareness, and increase ROI. With an innate love of technology, he implements digital marketing, earned media, and content marketing strategies to drive business and communicate unique value.

Find out more about Topher at Chief Outsiders.

Highly-Rated Leadership Books from John

Leadership Rising: Raise your Awareness, Raise your Leadership, Raise your Life

Written by a proven leader and leadership expert, this book is an invaluable guide to anyone wanting to improve their leadership skills. Immersive, interactive, and memorable, it will empower you to raise your leadership awareness and help you on your journey to become a winning leader. Concise, focused chapters and an interactive format mean even the most time-strapped can benefit from John Antal's decades of experience.

If you are an emerging leader, this book will provide you with a mind-map and internal compass to maintain a bearing during your leadership journey. This mind-map will outline the contours of the leadership topography; the compass you create in your heart and your mind will provide direction; and your purpose will generate a destination.

If you are an experienced leader, this book is also for you. You will find in it reinforcement, confirmation, and a series of knowledge points to add to your existing cognitive map and compass and to help you develop other leaders at every level of skill and awareness.

7 Leadership Lessons of the American Revolution

On these pages you learn about real people facing historic challenges and overcoming what reasonable observers believed were insurmountable odds. The leadership skills told in these stories are timeless and telling. If you wish to improve your personal leadership skill, this book provides the role models for you to study.

You can be a leader no matter what your rank or position. You cannot be a good leader unless you can also be a good follower. Good leaders don't shine, they reflect. Lessons like these are the core of this book. The stories in this book are about leaders who were challenged at all corners, adapted, improvised and overcame to win. Leaders like Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, Henry Knox, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington, to name a few, are stories you will want to know and tell.

These leaders knew how to impel teams to succeed under the toughest conditions. These stories will come alive on the pages of this book to fuel your leadership fire and make you a better leader in any endeavor.

Leadership is always in demand, especially in today's troubled times.

7 Leadership Lessons of D-Day

The odds were against the Allies on June 6, 1944. In such circumstances, good leadership can be the defining factor in victory or defeat. This book is about the extraordinary leadership of seven men who led American soldiers on D-Day and the days that followed. Some of them, like Eisenhower, Theodore Roosevelt Jr., and Lieutenant Dick Winters, are well known, while others are barely a footnote in the history books.

When things did not go as planned, they took action, adapted and overcame – they were leaders. Leadership was the only ingredient that would get them through the storm of death surrounding them and their men.

This book is not a full history of D-Day, however, it is a primer on how you can lead today, no matter what your occupation or role in life, by learning from the leadership of these seven.

A critical task for every leader is to understand what leadership is. Socrates once said that you cannot understand something unless you can first define it in your own words. This book provides the reader with a means to define leadership by telling seven dramatic, immersive and memorable stories that the reader will never forget.

7 Seconds to Die

A Military Analysis of the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War and the Future of Warfighting

The first full analysis of the second Nagorno-Karabakh War―the first war in history won primarily by unmanned systems.

The Second Nagorno-Karabakh war—fought between Armenia and Azerbaijan between September 24 and November 10, 2020—was the first war in history won primarily by unmanned systems.

This 44-day war resulted in a decisive military victory for Azerbaijan. Armenia was outfought, outnumbered, and outspent and lost even though they controlled the high ground in a mountainous region that favored traditional defense. Azerbaijan’s alliance with Turkey, and close technological support from Israel, strategically isolated Armenia. In addition, Turkey’s posturing influenced the Russians not to intervene to support Armenia. That Azerbaijan attacked Armenia during the pandemic was an additional factor. The fact that Azerbaijan won the war is not extraordinary, considering the correlation of forces arrayed against Armenia. What is exceptional is that this was the first modern war primarily decided by unmanned weapons. In this war the Turkish-made BAYRAKTAR TB2 Unmanned Air Combat Vehicle (UCAV) and the Israeli-made HAROP Loitering Munition (LM) dominated the fighting and provided Azerbaijan with a war-winning advantage.


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