Celebrating July 4th with Leadership Rising

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June 19, 2023
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July 13, 2023

Celebrating July 4th with Leadership Rising

This week, Leadership Rising is starting our lead-up to July 4th with our own celebration of American Independence. 

We will have daily posts with leadership quotes and content from our Founding Fathers, an all-American leadership assessment quiz that you can use with your team, and excerpts from “7 Leadership Lessons of the American Revolution”, written by our own Col. John Antal. 

We will also be giving away signed copies of John’s book to a few of our LinkedIn followers. 

Join the Revolution! Follow us on LinkedIn to access all of the content. We can’t promise fireworks, but you will raise your leadership.awareness.

About Leadership Rising: Our leadership programs have been carefully designed by recognized leaders with decades of diverse experience honing their skills, and importantly developing a unique and effective learning experience that produces results. We raise your leadership level by accelerating your leadership awareness through immersive, interactive and memorable instruction in virtual, on-site, or historic off-site settings



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