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February 3, 2023
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June 19, 2023

Leadership Minutes – Training Your Team

The “Leadership Minutes” series is designed to provide essential leadership education and motivation in just 1 minute.

I will be creating an initial series of 10 informative and inspiring videos to provide important leadership education to help us all on the path of continuous improvement.

Training your team is one of the most important aspects of leadership. In this Leadership Minute, we’ll share tips and techniques on how to effectively train your team.

Whether you’re a new leader or an experienced one, this video will help you foster an environment where team members can thrive and grow.

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Let’s talk about training, particularly training your team to be better leaders. You see, training is really important. We all have expectations that we’re going to be great at whatever we do. Unfortunately, we always fall short of those expectations. Why is that?

It’s because we don’t understand the key element, the key principle of training, and this is it. You do not rise to the level of your expectations. You fall to the level of your training. If your training level is zero, if you’ve never done it before, you will perform as a zero. If your training level is two, you may perform as a one on your best day, so you need to train over and over and over again.

A great martial artist once said, I do not fear the man who does 10,000 kicks, but I fear the man who does one kick 10,000 times. That’s because his training was expertly done for that one kick. You do not rise to the level of your expectations. You fall to the level of your training.

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